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There Will Always Be A Moon Over Marin.

Ethical Standards Of Decomposition.

Jacob King
12 May 1988
anal rhinoplasty, astro zombies, bad brains, barbedwire love, bedtime for democracy, big lizard, black flag, california uber alles, comedy, dag, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, demented are go, denaturalized wildlife, dk, east bay ray, ethical standards of decomposition, frankenchrist, gorilla girl, hitler invented disco, holy hack jack, house bears, in god we trust, jello biafra, johnny was, junk rock, king of ska, kristen, lexicon devil, mewithoutyou, minor threat, moon over marin, nuclear decay, nuclear history, onethirtyeight, op ivy, operation ivy, pinhead gunpowder, plastic surgery disasters, reagan youth, ripitupripitdown, rotten ethics, ska king, skulls, taxi driver, the deadmilkmen, the last heist, the misfits, turncoat coincidence, turning into a martian, vagrant ethics, we are 138